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We would like to round up the year by saying a MASSIVE well done and thank you to James Nichols as the owner / driver of the yellow evo VI race car, and Bob Moore as the owner of the orange evo V race car for their support and achievements through this season.
We all had highs and lows through this season of motor sport but a very happy ending for James in winning his championship with a first place finish at Snetterton.
Pushing the boundaries with huge torque and response on Bob Moore's orange twin turbo evo made for an up and down year. This offered some minor niggles with some older parts of the car producing lower leader board placements at two of the rounds with a split intercooler and an injector loom problem costing vital places. We still scored in all rounds though and good placements at remaining rounds gave a third place championship finish, showing other tuners that 'to finish first, first you must finish' :)
A very positive outcome in development that came from this 2009 season was the HUGE success of our twin turbo set-up. This offers tremendous spool capability, extremely low lag thus increasing power band width and torque and with NO compromise to BHP or high rpm performance. With very few related problems to this new set-up and with it running on three cars this season in competition and test we feel this to be a currently unbeatable concoction for road AND track use. I personally got the chance to drive this car in competition in Assen (Holland) which offered me a distinct power band advantage thus making fewer shifts and having better spool from the tight hairpin. These advantaged me by nearly FOUR SECONDS over the yellow car with similar ability drivers.
Well now its time to decide on next years antics and where to place our best efforts outside normal working time. Will we repeat this year by entering Time Attack, or is it time to move on and challenge in the LMA Euro Saloons or the new Tripple 'A' (AAA) All wheel drive championship..........Nothing is confirmed but I do smell change! :)

Clive Seddon


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