Richard McDonald Evo 7 Circuit Car - Complete!

CPR complete another Full Race Car conversion project for Richard McDonald.
The car started life off as a mild tuned 500hp Evo 7 GT-A Automative, but Richard requested a conversion project to allow it to compete in the UK Time Attack Club Series for 2010.


CPR stripped the entire car down to a bareshell, and then built a Full FIA Weld-In Cage Cell, along with ligtening the car and RS Differential Conversion.

Autobahn Paintworks in Blackpool fitted a Carbon Roof Skin and repaired the original Chargespeed Aero Kit and Carbontrix Front Bumper, aswell as painting the entire interior and cage in black

Tein Super Racing Suspension (previously fitted to the CPR Orange Works Evo) was fitted, along with full Polybush kit to stiffen up the suspension links.

Whiteline and Cusco ARB's completed the suspension setup for the car.

The Motor was left at the original spec, which is 2.0L Forged with CPR500HP Full Turbine Kit.

CPR changed the Intake Plenum for the CPR Spec D.I. Intake Plenum and 75mm Boomba Racing Billet Throttle Body, along with Aeromotive Fuel Rail

A major upgrade required for preparing a car for serious work is the upgrade to the conventional Oil System, due to the fact that hard cornering can cause Oil starvation. One route is to go for a Full Dry Sump Kit, but a similar prevention system can be achieved by installing an Accusump System, as Rick chose.

The Accusump system accumulates oil in a reservoir, and then in the cause of low oil pressure being sensed, the system will blast oil into the motor under high pressure, to save the bearings/turbocharger.

Rick's car previously had a lethargic automatic transmission fitted as Rick is unable to drive conventional clutch vehicle to his disability, however, Rick decided that to ensure the car was competitive, an upgrade to the transmission would be required to reduce transmission losses. CPR have converted this car from Automatic, to a Manual 5 Speed Car, and have installed the Drenth Full Race Dog Gear Set into the new 5 speed housing, along with the Ikeya Sequential Shifter conversion, as fitted to our Time Attack Evo's.

CPR then had a specialist mobility company in Liverpool called 'Da Vinci Mobility' install an automatic clutch system, whereby a trigger operates a motor which control the clutch pedal. CPR then modified the system further to bring it up to a level where Rick could use the system in a racing application, along with Flappy Paddles and Pro-Shift Solenoid Operating the Ikeya Shifter. The original Handcontrols that Rick had previously on his Evo 7 were modifed and re-installed, so that throttle and brake can be operated by hand. The interior was finished off with a Flocked Dash, Suede Sparco Steering Wheel, and AIM Digital Dash Cluster, with custom wiring from CPR to enable Rick to monitor everything on the car from the digital dash.
To meet Time Attack regulations and for safety, a full FIA Lifeline Fire Extinguishing System was installed also.

Full Group N Brake Line Kit, modified ABS System, and Twin Bore Hydraulic Handbrake were then fabricated and installed by CPR, to compliment the AP Racing brake set up.

Massive amounts of weight saving have been achieved with this project, and now with a full sequential dogbox installed, the car has been totally transformed, where Rick has planned extensive track testing to become familiar with the new setup, before competing in Time Attack next season. CPR wishes Rick all the best in his first season of UK Motorsport.


Octane Junkies Rolling Road Day - Results

CPR hosted a Rolling Road Day for 'Octane Junkies' Car Club.

A great day was had by small, with 10 modified European and Japanese cars being dyno power tested on CPR's Dyno Dynamics 4 Wheel Rolling Road.

1. Ali - Nissan Pulsar GTIR - 276.7WHP
2. Andy Swinton - Lancer Evo I - 245.5WHP
3. Andy Chan - Lanver Evo 6 - 232.7WHP
4. Mohammed Choudhary - Civic EP3 Type R - 176.6WHP
5. Chris Owens - VW Bora TDI - 151.2WHP
6. Scott B - Almera GTI(R) - 198.0WHP
7. David Owens - Astra SRI - 192.9WHP
8. Ashley Peyton - Leon Cupra R - 215.5WHP
9. Sean - Evo 9 - 309.9WHP
10. Mario - Leon Cupra - 141.5WHP

Thank you for all who attended.

For images of the event;

This Year

We would like to round up the year by saying a MASSIVE well done and thank you to James Nichols as the owner / driver of the yellow evo VI race car, and Bob Moore as the owner of the orange evo V race car for their support and achievements through this season.
We all had highs and lows through this season of motor sport but a very happy ending for James in winning his championship with a first place finish at Snetterton.
Pushing the boundaries with huge torque and response on Bob Moore's orange twin turbo evo made for an up and down year. This offered some minor niggles with some older parts of the car producing lower leader board placements at two of the rounds with a split intercooler and an injector loom problem costing vital places. We still scored in all rounds though and good placements at remaining rounds gave a third place championship finish, showing other tuners that 'to finish first, first you must finish' :)
A very positive outcome in development that came from this 2009 season was the HUGE success of our twin turbo set-up. This offers tremendous spool capability, extremely low lag thus increasing power band width and torque and with NO compromise to BHP or high rpm performance. With very few related problems to this new set-up and with it running on three cars this season in competition and test we feel this to be a currently unbeatable concoction for road AND track use. I personally got the chance to drive this car in competition in Assen (Holland) which offered me a distinct power band advantage thus making fewer shifts and having better spool from the tight hairpin. These advantaged me by nearly FOUR SECONDS over the yellow car with similar ability drivers.
Well now its time to decide on next years antics and where to place our best efforts outside normal working time. Will we repeat this year by entering Time Attack, or is it time to move on and challenge in the LMA Euro Saloons or the new Tripple 'A' (AAA) All wheel drive championship..........Nothing is confirmed but I do smell change! :)

Clive Seddon

Octane Junkies Dyno Shootout Rolling Road Day hosted at CPR

CPR will be hosting a Dyno Shootout Rolling Road day for 'Octane Junkies' Club on Sunday 15th November at 10.00am.
'Octane Junkies' is one of the longest standing modified performance car clubs here in the U.K. and Car Planet Racing are proud to provide the venue for the day.
With around 12 modified cars entering, there may be opportunity for public dyno sessions to be performed after the members of Octane Junkies. CPR welcomes all members of public to view and enquire about dyno power testing their car (please enquire at the main office and ask for Laurence)








CPR - Car Planet Racing would like to thank our following sponsors and partners for their continued support throughout CPR's motorsport season;

Also special thanks to Bob Moore, James Nicholls & Gareth Lloyd for their commitment and drive in achieving victory.

CPR News Feed - Facebook & Blogger Page now synch'd

CPR now offer full news feed from our News-Blog page to be published on the CPR Facebook Group Page.
This means that quick and easy Blog's made at by our staff will feed automatically onto our Facebook page.
Supporters and customers can now easily receive the latest updates from our workshop and trackside during our motorsport racing season.
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