Team CPR reach victory at T.O.T.B VIII

Car Planet Racing entered a team of 10 highly modified street legal cars into the 2009 Ten of the Best TOTB VIII Competition at Elvington, Yorks 26/07/2009, consisting of some of our staff's and customers' cars, reaching victory in the 0-400m Shootout Final and a new personal best from the Orange CPR Race Car.

Team CPR

Clive Seddon - Orange Evo 5 - 950hp

James Nicholls - Yellow Evo 6 - 850hp

Max Waung - Mercedes CLS55 AMG - 600hp

Albert Yeung - Twin Turbo Evo 9 - 650hp

Andy James - Evo 5 - 460hp

Jim Moore - Evo 5 - 450hp

Rob Cowling - Evo 7 - 700hp

Mark Croft - Nissan GT-R - 580hp

Ged Jefferson - Evo 8 - 700hp

Yin Ng - S15 Silvia - 270hp

Throughout very poor wet conditions, the CPR Team performed well, with an all-round excellent effort across the 3 disciplines of Handling, Top Speed and 0-400m.

We were very proud to achieve our new Personal Best 0-400m time of 9.5s, by Clive in the Orange CPR Evo, even with a wet track.

Even more of an achievement is the success of the Yellow Evo 5, driven faultlessly all day by James Nicholls, which qualified him for the 0-400m Shoot-Out Finals.

James managed to find the extra grip on a very slippery drag track, to defeat Andy Forester in the AFP Subaru Impreza in the first heat, and then went on to win the Shootout by beating Paul Martin of the MLR in the Momentum Motorsport Evo, after a very close battle, won only in the last 60 feet.

Congratulations to James for his victory, and to all who competed well throughout difficult conditions.

Official Results T.B.A


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